The ready mixed concrete sector that accelerated its growth with the privatization of cement production in the second half of the 1980s has blossomed through the increase of the investments and  entry of the  international partnerships to Turkey. The producer firms multiplied, the sub-industry firms that provide the sector with tools, equipment, chemical admixtures, etc. started to increase, and production of numerous products like concrete plants, mixer  boilers, and laboratory test devices, which were initially imported,  in Turkey was started. With the transition from the conventional concrete production to ready mixed concrete, the issue of preventing nonstandard and low quality ready mixed concrete production and unfair competition became important.

In this process, we, as the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, established KGS in 1995 to contribute to the increase of the building quality and the use of concrete whose production is inspected in accordance with the standards in our country whose territory is substantially under earthquake  risk. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of KGS  this year.

As THBB,  we ensure the production of concrete that complies with the standards by putting our members into KGS inspections. Each plant of our members is inspected by KGS 6 times a year. In these inspections, in addition to the onsite inspection of the concrete production plants, product are also inspected without notice from time to time. However, some of the producers are not our members and they are not inspected by KGS. We want that all the plants are inspected in a serious manner on the basis of KGS’s inspection system for quality production in ready mixed concrete.

In view of the works conducted so far, we can comfortably say that KGS has been the assurance of quality in concrete for 20 years. In consequence of the inspections KGS has carried out meticulously, “KGS Compliance Certificate” has been the indispensable feature of “Quality Concrete.”

On this opportunity, I congratulate 20th anniversary of the establishment of KGS, everyone who provided contributions through  the right works conducted so far since the first day, our members who have never hesitated to provide their supports, and their esteemed employees, and I would like to extend my thanks to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs, and Communication, our  chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of engineers and architects, vocational organizations and esteemed lecturers of our universities. I wish many successful years!




















Yukarı Çık