Within continuous developments at the national and international markets, especially within the framework of full membership of Turkey to the European Union, our aim is to have an effective role in the development of national and international strategic co- operations by closely following the developing needs and matters of the organizations producing cement, concrete and lime based materials, by improving the necessary contacts and co-operation with all other national and international institutions and organizations, primarily with the governments, by having effective contacts and activities for a better promotion of the product and the sector and solutions of the related problems.


Our Mission

To provide co-ordination and co-operation among the members.
To conduct studies on the monitoring and prevention of all off-record activities and other industrial and commercial applications apart from the rules and regulations, in accordance with national and international quality and standards.
To support all efforts towards increasing product quality and productivity.
To facilitate rapid and accurate information exchange among members; to gather all statistical information related the sector, and periodically inform the authorized bodies.
To undertake a promotional activities at national and international arena of the product and sectorial institutions. For this aim, to establish close cooperation with the European Union and similar organizations.
To create projects of common interest to increase the sectors' maintainable competitive power, to follow the studies carried out abroad, and to inform the members of the developments promptly.
Cooperation with the other sectors, universities, chambers, non-governmental organizations and other organizations.
To represent the sector on related issues within the Government, European Union and all other organizations and institutions.


Construction Products Producers Association (YÜF)

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