Yavuz Işık, the President of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, who has been pursuing efforts for the construction of safe and durable structures for more than a quarter of a century, will be the President of European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization (ERMCO), too.

Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Organization, who has been a full member of European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization (ERMCO) since 1991, and a member of the Presidential Committee since 2014, now will be pioneering the European concrete industry. The President of THBB, Yavuz Işık has been assigned to the presidency of ERMCO in the 24th European Ready Mixed Concrete Organziation’s board meeting held on the 8th of September 2016 in Germany, with the votes of 70 delegates and the decision of the Presidential Committee which consists of representatives of France, Germany and Turkey.
Yavuz Işık, who thanked everyone being supportive, said these: “Together with our members, we have been working devotedly to extend the production and use of high quality, proper, sustainable and environmentally friendly concrete which is necessary for the construction of safe and durable structures in Turkey. We gained many accomplishments in both national and international platforms by preserving our consistent and professional perspective. Today, Turkey is the leader of ready mixed concrete production in Europe and the third biggest ready mixed concrete supplier in the world. We are leaving this meeting, which we came on behalf of our country and THBB, assuming the role of presidency of ERMCO. This duty will, of course, bring along new responsibilities. In the upcoming period, we will set new goals for the improvement of concrete industry, in both Turkey and Europe. ERMCO, which was established in 1967, is the biggest international organization gathering eighteen countries’ ready mixed concrete suppliers under the same roof together with Russia, USA, South America, India, Japan and New Zealand as associate and corresponding members. ERMCO is conducting many projects concerning new concepts in the concrete industry; such as concrete and sustainability, responsible sourcing scheme, recycling concrete and demolition wastes of urban transformation. Thereby, while producing eco-friendly ideas, they are also developing solutions to contribute economy. At this point, Işık, who points out that he is aware of the new responsibilities accompanying the presidency he assumed: “In the strategical and technical meetings held, as one of the leading members of ERMCO, we stated we will be working with active organizations in the field of European ready mixed concrete industry with the technical power and foundations of THBB. Our belief that Turkey, with its scientific and technical base and experience, will be an essential part of the projects taking place in Europe.

About European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization

As the concrete industry developed in the world, the number of organizations gathered nationally and internationally rose and collaboration opportunities between countries have developed. ERMCO, which was founded in 1967 (European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization) is the biggest international organization in the ready mixed concrete industry. ERMCO represents the ready mixed concrete industry especially in the fields of standardizing, environment and documentation in European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and other related committees of Europe. ERMCO does not only encourage and support collaboration in the areas such as production, standard, quality and technological advances between member countries but also forms a basis for convergence and cooperation opportunities to emerge between these countries. ERMCO, whose headquarter is in Brussels, carries out its operations with the help of various committees, starting with Environment and Technical Committees which include the representatives of national ready mixed concrete unions in the European countries.

About Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Organization

Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Organization (THBB) is a professional association endeavors for the construction of safe and durable structures, concrete production complying with the standards and for the use of high strength concrete, especially in the earthquake danger zones since 1988. To be a member of THBB, who has been a full member of ERMCO since 1991, companies must produce in accordance with the standards in every one of their ready mixed concrete facilities, obtain certificate of conformity from Quality Assurance System (QAS) and be liable to unannounced inspection from QAS, have proper laboratories. They must also match the technical, environmental, work and worker safety related, legal and ethical criterion completely.

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