Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB), which has been endeavoring for more than 35 years to produce concrete in accordance with the standards and to ensure correct concrete applications in construction, elected its new Members of Board of Directors and Auditors at the 36th Ordinary General Assembly it held on June 3, 2023. The new Board of Directors elected at the General Assembly held in Istanbul re-elected Yavuz Işık as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The 36th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB), where the new Members of the Board of Directors and Auditors were elected, was held at the head office of THBB in Istanbul Kavacık on June 3, 2023. Speaking at the General Assembly, Yavuz Işık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB), stated that Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association is a very important sectoral organization that not only steers the ready mixed concrete sector, but also successfully represents our country in all national and international platforms, and said, "Our Association, which is one of the most rooted professional organizations of our country, has been working with all its strength for the development of the sector for 35 years.”

Evaluating the year 2022 in his speech, Yavuz Işık said, “While all sub-sectors grew in Turkey's economy, which grew by 5,6% in 2022, the only sector that declined was construction and it contracted by 8,4%.”

Mentioning the Kahramanmaraş-epicentered earthquake disaster on February 6, Yavuz Işık said, “As individuals, society, and the state, we all have a responsibility in this regard. 'Structural transformation,' which is constantly highlighted in terms of economic management and is the most important key to sustainability, has now been even more critical for the construction sector. Making the existing building stock resistant to earthquakes and implementing earthquake-oriented regulations in all construction activities require not only urban transformation but also 'mental transformation.' Following the earthquake disaster we experienced, urban transformation must continue to be the priority of the entire sector and policymakers. With the election process being left behind, we, as Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, would like to express once again the necessity of redesigning the construction sector based on a general consensus, if necessary, by the new economy management.”

Yukarı Çık