Big Meeting of Concrete Sector: “Beton 2015 Exhibition”

Yavuz Işık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association: “Turkey is in the position of being the leader of Europe thanks to its 100 million cubic meters of production per annum. Our sector will grow bigger by 5% in 2015.”

Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association has realized the seventh of the Beton Fair, most important convention of the sector. The Beton 2015 Fair that brings together the ready mixed concrete, cement, aggregate, and construction sectors was held between the dates of 19 and 21 February 2015 at the Istanbul Fair Center.

Yavuz Işık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, said in his speech he gave at the inauguration of the fair, “The concrete sector has a very significant role in Turkey’s economy in addition to its being the most important line of the construction sector thanks to its production of annually more than 100 million cubic meters. 46,5 percent of the domiciles sold throughout Turkey in 2014 are newly-constructed residences. Likewise,  according to the data from the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 471 km divided roads were completed and numerous works on new tunnels and  viaducts were initiated also in 2014. Despite the fact that the construction sector has exhibited a graphic that increases through reduction in its growth rate compared with the last past years, the concrete production in our country has grown above what we envisaged last year. According to the data from our Association, the concrete production reached approximately 110.000.000 cubic meters. This is an accomplishment of the concrete producers in Turkey.”

















Yukarı Çık