Turkish cement company “ÇİMKO Çimento” received "Responsible Sourcing Certificate" of the Concrete Sustainability Council.

A new cement plant has been certified in accordance with “The Responsible Sourcing Certification System” launched by the Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (THBB), Regional System Operator of the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) and activated in 2018 in Turkey. Following the independent audits conducted by the Economic Enterprise of KGS, the Certification Body of the Concrete Sustainability Council, “Çimko Çimento Narlı Cement Plant” have received the “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” in Turkey. This certificate was issued on 15th March 2019. Çimko had also received certificates for their two ready-mixed concrete plants “Çimko Osmaniye Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant” and “Çimko Altınşehir Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant”.

Yukarı Çık