Yavuz Işık, the President of the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB), who has been pursuing efforts for the construction of safe, durable and sustainable structures for more than 30 years, has been re-elected President of the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization (ERMCO) after 3 years of presidency.

On 14th June 2019 in Valencia, Spain the 27th Board meeting held after the ERMCO General Assembly has unaimously re-lelected the President of THBB, Yavuz Işık President of the European Organization. Mr Işık,  President of ERMCO since 2016, will be assisted in his duties by the two other members of the President’s Committee messrs Hahn (Germany) and Borroni (Italy). THBB is  Full Member of ERMCO since 1991.

Yavuz Işık shared his thoughts about his re-election as President of ERMCO: “Together with our members, we have been working devotedly to extend the production and use of high quality, proper, sustainable and environmentally friendly concrete which is necessary for the construction of safe, durable and sustainable structures. As we have done so far, the dissemination of our policies on concrete at national and international levels will be promoted, the cooperation and good relations already established with our partners will be extended to achieve a common goal of improving the competitiveness of concrete as a material of choice. There is a long list of tasks that we will tackle together. We will focus on the sustainability and digitalization of our industry and promote all aspects of concrete for sustainable construction. Additionally, lobbying and promotion activities will be carried out to emphasize that concrete is a highly flexible, durable, affordable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable material to show its limitless potential for innovation and performance enhancement. As the construction industry plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth, specifically through its connection with other manufacturing sectors; on each occasion, we will underline that our concrete industry is fundamental for economy by its contribution to the welfare of the society.”

Yukarı Çık