Yavuz IŞIK
ERMCO ve THBB Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
President of ERMCO and THBB

2016 has been a thorny year in which we experienced fluctuations in both economical and political fields for our country. We have demonstrated the example of unity to the entire world and proved once again how strong a country we are in that year posing difficulties we experienced as the nation. As the nation, we preferred to contribute to the economy of our country  by working and producing more and more undauntedly in order to overcome those difficult times. For the same purpose, our Association has continued to conduct works in many different fields, ranging from trainings to laboratories, from international congress and fairs to health and safety of employees, to provide the ready mixed concrete sector with contributions without compromising its objectives since the day of its incorporation. As in the previous years, this year has been a year in which we accelerated the activities on behalf of our Association and provided our sector with innovations.

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