We are proud to say that BETON 2015 Istanbul Ready Mixed Concrete, Cement, Aggregate, Construction Technologies & Equipment Exhibition was held with great participation and success despite the heavy weather conditions. The exhibition hosted – numerous prestigious representatives of the concrete industry and its stakeholders on national and international basis. Along with our national members, Kyrgyz Beton, our associate member and Akkord Beton, our future associate member, were also our guests from Azarbaijan. 

We had the chance to see the products and machinery of the state-of-the-art technology in the exhibition. Turkey is proudly a self-sufficient country, which produces and exports all kinds of concrete production equipments and machines. We were also honoured by the presence of Tevfik Güngör Uras as a speaker in our exhibition. Prof. Dr. Uras analyzed the economic situation in Turkey and made future predictions about the growth in our industry and in Turkish economy in general.



Yukarı Çık