Yavuz IŞIK
ERMCO ve THBB Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
President of ERMCO and THBB 

As you know, the construction  sector is exhibiting a significant performance this year. According to the national income calculation disclosed by TÜİK, the construction  sector managed to increase its growth figure of 6 percent for the first quarter of the year to 6,8 in the Q2. When it comes to the growth  figures of the initial 6 months, improvement of the construction sector was highly effective in Turkey's ranking 3rd among the OECD countries. We are unable to view the movement of the construction  sector in the Q3 that ended, in official figures yet. However, the results of the Ready Mixed Concrete Index yield clues for us in this regard. Accordingly, subsequent to the increase of the ready mixed concrete production in July and August, it appears to be still above the threshold value as an index value despite its decline in September. In this scope, it is predicted that the progress in the construction  sector and  ready mixed  concrete  sector is ongoing. We are expecting that the construction  sector performs above Turkey  average with over six-percent increase in the Q3 of the year.

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