In view of the economical data at the end of 2015, it seems that the stability made the economy as well as the construction and ready mixed concrete sectors breathe.In the first 10 months of this year, sales of new houses increased by 11% compared with the previous year and became 473.659. In the same period of the last year, this figure was 427.582. With the reanimation that will be brought along by the stability environment after the elections, the leading indicators regarding the construction sector have turned to be positive as of November despite the shrinkage experienced in the third quarter. The figures of the initial ten months of the year show that the construction  and ready mixed concrete  sector will start 2016 fast. Along with the shrinkage experienced in the sales of new houses, construction confidence index, and construction activities in the 3rd quarter of the year, the ready mixed concrete  sector is expected to close 2015 with approximately 3% shrinkage as well. The 107 million  cubic-meter production volume in 2014 maintained its capacity by being 104 million  cubic-meters in 2015 upon a minor level of contraction.

We started works on organizing the Fair held in Istanbul so far, for the second time in Ankara in 2016; its first organization in Ankara was in 2014. We will hold “Beton 2016 Ready Mixed Concrete, Cement, Aggregate, Construction Technologies,  and Equipments  Fair” in Congresium Ankara on February 18-20,   2016. With the Fair that we will hold for the eighth time in 2016, we will bring together the construction, ready mixed concrete, cement, and aggregate  sectors in Ankara. We are expecting that our Fair will be visited by many professional participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as in the earlier years. Taking this opportunity, I invite all the representatives of firms to take part in Beton 2016 and follow the developments in the sector.

Yukarı Çık