Yavuz IŞIK
President of ERMCO and THBB

Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association  has been working for the promotion of the utilization of quality, accurate, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable concrete required for the construction of reliable and enduring structures in our country, since 1988, the year of its incorporation. Our Association conducts the audits and certifications of the products related with ready mixed concrete and ensures their compliance with the national and international standards. As Turkey, we have been a member of ERMCO (European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization), the largest international institution in the field of ready mixed concrete, for 25 years. ERMCO represents the ready mixed concrete sector in the respective bodies of Europe, particularly in the areas of standardization, certification, and the environment. The issues that are on the agenda of the  European Union, such as energy efficiency, sustainability, protection of the environment, circular economy, recycling, resource efficiency, and the assessment and certification of the responsible management of material resources are also followed up by ERMCO and its stakeholders.

As the President of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, I was elected to be the ERMCO President upon the votes of 70 delegates and the resolution of the Presidency Council constituted by the  representatives from France, Germany, and Turkey for the period of three years on  September 8, 2016. I am honored for having brought the ERMCO Presidency duty to Turkey for the first time in 25 years at the ERMCO Board Meeting. In the subsequent process, we will try to find solutions to the problems of our sector by keeping track of the agendas in Europe more closely, and bringing the problems of our sector to the agenda of the institutions in Europe, providing our country with the latest developments, through our assignment in ERMCO. This way, as Turkey, we will contribute to the improvement of the ready mixed concrete industry of our country while steering the European ready mixed concrete sector.



Yukarı Çık