In 2016 whose first quarters we have just ended, the world’s economy is still unable to plot its route. General elections that will be conducted in many countries this year, regional geopolitical tensions, war circumstances ongoing in the Middle East, and the crisis of refugees from Syria are increasing the political uncertainty on the global plane. Beyond political one, uncertainty dominates the global financial markets as well.

When it comes to Turkey’s economy; the economy of Turkey that experienced two elections grew by 4% in 2015 despite its negative influence from the stagnation in its nearby commercial partners, primarily the Euro Zone, and from the uncertainty in the global financial markets, and succeeded to move away from the other developing countries in   a positive sense. Despite all the negative development in the global dimension in 2015, we predict that Turkey will also exhibit significant performance and end 2016 compared with the competing developing countries, in the same vein as the last year. It is because the leading indicators like the last announced export and industry production index, economic confidence index, and capacity utilization ratio, point out that the wheels of Turkey are spinning at least in the first quarter

Yukarı Çık