Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association has prepared Activity, Confidence, and Expectation indexes with a questionnaire it conducted for the first time in Turkey. High results of the Expectation Index have proved that the ready mixed concrete sector is hopeful about the future despite  the minor declines in the Activity and Confidence Indexes.

Turkey's hectic agenda has not affected the concrete  sector negatively. The decline of 1.4 points in the Activity Index has exhibited that there had been slowdown in the ready mixed concrete production and sales. The highly limited decline of 0.6 points in the Confidence Index invites attentions to the fact that there was a little movement in a negative sense. Against all odds, the fact that the Expectation Index has climbed above 100 through 0.5-point increase demonstrates that the confidence of the ready mixed concrete producers in the Turkish economy is full and they believe  that the ready mixed concrete sales and the construction sector will tend to grow in the forthcoming three months. 

Yukarı Çık